Downtown Ames Parking Options

There are several parking opportunities in Downtown Ames. On the bottom of this page, please see locations for free, metered, and handicap parking throughout the district. Below are some of other parking opportunities available.

Employee Parking Tag Pass

What is it?

Those working in Downtown Ames have the possibility of purchasing a Downtown Employee Parking Tag for the Central Business District (CBD) 4-hour lots (see Discover the District for map; parking tag eligible for XYZ lots in the 4-hour sections). These parking tags grant the tag holder ability to park for more than 4 hours in an available 4-hour space.

How Much is it?

Each parking tag is $10 per month, with payment made upon signing the contract. All parking tags expire on December 31 of the year issued, and must be reissued for the new year.

How do I Get One?

To receive a Downtown Employee Parking Tag, you must complete the contract and provide proof of employment at a Downtown business to the Public Works Department at 515 Clark Avenue.

Download & Print the Employee Parking Tag Contract

Reserved Parking Lease

What is it?

Those living and working in Downtown Ames may rent a reserved parking space in the CBD XYZ lots, Library Q lot, City Hall N lot, and/or Gilchrist W lot (see Discover the District for map). These parking spaces are indicated as reserved with a red “Reserved Parking” sign. This lease grants the tag holder ability to park for 24 hours in their leased space.

How Much is it?

Each reserved space is $50 per month. Billing statements are mailed out one month before they are due and must be paid on or before the 1st of each month for which they are due, or risk lease termination.

How do I Get One?

A signed lease and first month’s rent are required to start a lease, due to the Public Works Department at 515 Clark Avenue.

Download & Print the Reserved Parking Lease

ParkMobile Metered Parking App

What is it?

The ParkMobile app allows visitors to Downtown Ames the ability to pay for and refill the metered parking in the Downtown District through their phone. This solution is perfect for those without quarters, or find themselves staying in the district longer than intended.

How do I Get the App?

The app is available through both Apple App Store and Google Play and is free to download. Upon download, simply enter your credit information (all information is confidential).

A map of available parking in Downtown Ames