Ames Main Street Announces 2018 Economic Impact

Throughout the 2018 calendar year, Ames Main Street saw multiple economic advancements, including $371,215 invested in projects to enhance Downtown Ames, adding to the $11,151,005 total invested in the past 10 years. This investment includes building renovations and other community and economic development projects.

“It is great to see continued investment in Downtown Ames,” said Dan Culhane, President and CEO of the Ames Chamber of Commerce. “Our expectation is that we will see significantly more in the foreseeable future, which is a strong indicator of the overall health and vibrancy of our marketplace.”

Ames Main Street also invested $769,600 in acquisition, adding to the $6,132,800 total invested in the past 10 years. Acquisitions in new properties such as these bring opportunity to the downtown atmosphere with more storefronts and a variety of options. Among the monetary investments, investment of time is extremely valuable as well. Ames Main Street totaled 2,948 volunteer hours throughout the year.

“Ames Main Street continues to be the heart of the Ames community, and economic impact statistics such as these illustrate why Downtown Ames is such a destination,” says Drew Kamp, Ames Main Street Executive Director. “As an organization, we are committed to continually increasing these numbers yearover-year, and are confident we will do so in the years to come. We thank our members, investors, Board leadership, and countless partners for their dedication to Ames Main Street, as that is truly what allows us to succeed as an organization.”

Ames Main Street consistently works to improve their infrastructure and acquisition of property, leading to more storefronts and new product offerings to Downtown Ames, benefiting the entire community.

“We are fortunate in Ames to have a vibrant Downtown filled with unique shopping, entertainment and dining options,” said Ames Mayor John Haila. “With festivals, music, art, history, and more, Downtown Ames continues to attract residents and visitors by offering a variety of experiences concentrated in the heart of our city.”

Ames Main Street hopes to see continued improvements and investments in the 2019 year, leading to the overall success of Downtown Ames.


Ames Main Street was established on January 1, 2009. Its mission is to advance and promote downtown as the destination district in the heart of our community. To keep updated on AMS happenings, become a fan of Ames Main Street on Facebook, bookmark, or contact our office at 515- 233-3472. AMS is an affiliate organization of the Ames Chamber of Commerce.


• Drew Kamp | Executive Director, Ames Main Street | 515-232-2310 |