Local Garden Expert Honored for Main Street Volunteerism

Teri Veysey, Garden Designer with Country Landscapes, has been named the Main Street Cultural District (MSCD) 2016 Volunteer of the Year. “Many members of the community comment on how beautiful the flowers are on Main Street,” said Cindy Hicks, MSCD Executive Director. “We have Teri to thank for that.” Teri is a life-long Ames resident and one of the driving forces behind the beautiful flowers in the planters on Main Street since 2010. She helps plan the annual planting in the spring, then comes downtown on a weekly basis, all summer, to care for the flowers. But while she doesn’t mind doing the work, she isn’t so quick to take credit. “We are all in this together,” said Veysey. “It’s great when you go to plant and there are people following behind you ready to help out. They are the ones you really should be thanking.” But while Teri leads the group of volunteers on planting day, it is Teri who spends her early morning hours pulling weeds, pruning and mulching. She does it, not because she was asked to, but because she enjoys making downtown a beautiful place for the entire community to enjoy. “Teri is an Ames treasure,” said Jim Mason, Landscape Designer at Country Landscapes. “Her plant knowledge is second to none and she will outwork anyone. We are lucky to have her in Ames.” Veysey was recognized for her service, along with a list of 2016 Annual Ames Chamber of Commerce award winners, at a reception Wednesday, February 1, held at Ames Golf and Country Club. BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR TOM POHLMAN, Ames National Corporation The Chamber’s Business Person of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding individual for his or her long-term commitment to their own business, as well as the business climate and quality of life in the community. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AWARD YVONNE KINZLER, Kinzler Construction Services The Ames Chamber Community Involvement Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated personal involvement and enthusiasm in a variety of civic and/or service organizations and has shown effort in improving the quality of life in the community. ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR KEITH ARNESON, Pinnacle Properties of Ames Each year the Ames Chamber of Commerce recognizes an individual for his or her creativity and personal initiative in operating a successful venture. ECONOMIC IMPACT AWARDS CITY OF AMES DITCH WITCH IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY RESEARCH PARK MARY GREELEY MEDICAL CENTER STORY COUNTY VERMEER The AEDC presents Economic Impact Awards to area companies that have made significant contributions to the greater Ames and Story County area through business growth and job creation. MSCD VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR TERI VEYSEY, Country Landscapes The Main Street Cultural District’s Volunteer of the Year Award is given to an individual who has performed above and beyond for the MSCD by volunteering their time and efforts to support the MSCD and their work. CAMPUSTOWN ACTION ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR JUDI EYLES, Iowa State University The Campustown Action Association’s Volunteer of the Year Award is given to an individual who has performed above and beyond for the Campustown business district by volunteering their time and efforts to support the CAA and their work in Campustown. AMES MAIN STREET FARMERS’ MARKET CONTRIBUTER OF THE YEAR IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY The Ames Main Street Farmers’ Market Contributor of the year Award is given to an individual or business who has supported the market and helped it continue to prosper and grow. AMES FOUNDATION DIFFERENCE MAKER KATHY DUBANSKY, Workiva The Ames Foundation Difference Maker Award is given to an individual who has gone above and beyond in their volunteerism and support of the Ames Foundation. YOUNG PROFESSIONALS OF AMES: “4 UNDER 40” AWARD LUKE JENSEN, RESGI HEATHER JOHNSON, The Octagon Center for the Arts TERA LAWSON, Iowa State University JASON MORTVEDT, Kinzler Construction Services